Apryl's Musings

Dance Hive:  Collective Dance Creation


In two weeks, I’ll facilitate workshops on movement generation for Diamonds in The Rough Dance Intensive hosted by Dance in the Mitten.  There is something really interesting about the chaotic mess of emergent processes.  For those who know me and have worked with me, you know my obsession for creating performative messes.  This obsession collides with two other passions, interdisciplinary work and creative collaboration.  Ahhhhh!  For me an opportunity to belly flop straight into artistic mayhem! 

For 2 decades, I have created performance work in a collaborative fashion.  In my previous personal artistic narratives, I would say that I create and mold a piece from the margins.  I’ve always appreciated creating work in this way.  Dancers/performers always add their contributions.  The process becomes communal; social; relational. 

The creative work always grows beyond my initial thoughts.  The work needed people; community to evolve.  Without them it just wouldn’t exist.  I guess a question for me is how to do I push this further.  How can dance/performance creation be further decentralized?   What if a dance is created by a swarm? 

Dance Hive will invite participants to generate movement material through open space technology.  If participants wish, it could result in an informal showing a Diamond in the Rough.  A variety of materials will be available for experimentation and foster curiosity. 

  • Text (old books, magazine advertisements, newspaper articles, cookbooks etc)
  • Drama Techniques
  • Computer code and algorithms
  • Collaborative drawings
  • Ordinary objects and props
  • Participants can add to this list

Specific ideas can be generated from the participants themselves.  Groups form around these ideas and begin to generate small modular sections.  The participants can decide how the sections fit together to create non-linear work.  It could be a ritual.  An informal performance.  The sky’s the limit.