About Apryl

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Apryl Renee Pipe is a dance artist, facilitator/teacher and an alumna of Eastern Michigan University’s Dance Program (1994).  Her work is informed by interdisciplinary and social arts practices. She is curious about where seemingly dissimilar disciplines might share common ground and enjoys blurring boundaries. As an artist, she is interested in creating mutant hybrids messes.  This particular artistic journey began as a graduate student at Arizona State (2001-2004). At ASU, she immersed herself in interdisciplinary practice, exploring the integration of multimedia in live performance.  During that time, Apryl became a member of ADaPT (The Association of Dance and Performance Telematics (2001-2010).  ADaPT was an interdisciplinary association of artists, technologists, engineers, computer programmers and academics who explored online technologies as sites for performance.

Apryl continues to explore the integration of technology and dance.  Currently, she is engaged in a creative collaboration with Jennifer Gwirtz (Right Brain Performancelab, Portland, Oregon).  Through this collaboration, mobile devices and social media are being used to generate material; investigate the aesthetics of streaming data informs; raise questions concerning connection, proximity and the nature of “liveness” through “synchronous dance”.


Apryl co-founded FLUX Dance Project (2006) and Spinning Yarns Dance Collective (1998).  She has taught dance at Mesa Community College (Mesa, Arizona), College of San Mateo (San Mateo California). Apryl has been a guest artist/teacher at Glendale Community College, (Glendale, Arizona), The Goose Route Dance Festival (Shepherdstown, West Virginia) and Eastern Michigan University.

Currently, Apryl teaches dance at Eastern Michigan University School of Music and Dance (Ypsilanti, MI), Arts in Motion (Ann Arbor, MI) and Jackson School of the Arts (Jackson, MI).  She is a People Dancing associated artist.  In 2016, Apryl created Head in Cloud: Digital Data Trails with EMU Dance students.  The work was inspired by visual data mapping and tracking.  People Dancing commissioned her to create a dance theatre piece for Global Water Dance.